New EP Magical Mart

We happily announce the release of our EP magicalMart! The third and the last one in the series leading to our new album.

In the week prior to the event, the whole hall was covered in black cloth, decorated full of Christmas lights, mirrors were hanged throughout the place and various unconnected and absurd objects were illogically placed at random positions. The floor was cushioned with foam for people to sit on as comfortably as possible and then also covered in black. Finally, all free surfaces were decorated with scores of paintings by Jon Cunta with his “In pursuit of nonsense” exhibition that captured the essence of the whole happening quite admirably.
After the intense recording time, there was an invite-only concert. Arguably one of the best concerts with ingenious lighting, makeshift lasers, wonderful public, green moss, unmatched mood, and loud music resulted in a truly magical event with energy blazing in all directions. It is said that one person in the hall was also on magic mushrooms. Or was it the other way around?

This final part of our tale counts on the calmness of the first release to quiet down the all to hectic and eager mind and madness from the second to break down the barriers and prepare the stage for these last two enthusiastic songs. And with all of this, you can dive in deeply into the journey inward. And that is where the real magic begins.

Listen to our EP here
Music: Mart
Recording: Igor Vuk
Mixing & Mastering: Igor Vuk
Design: Ana Maraž

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