Mart at Faladur

20. 5. 2016 – Faladur, Ajdovščina

Mart_Faladur (7)_1280x853We had a really wonderful concert at Faladur on that day. The staff of Faladur gave a glass of wine or juice at the doorstep to anyone buying the ticket and offered truly delicious house snacks worthy of the finest gourmet to tickle all the senses throughout the show.

Mart_Faladur (14)_1280x853Mart_Faladur (6)_1280x853

We started easy. The sound was right. Energy vibrant.

Mart_Faladur (4)_1280x853Mart_Faladur (9)_1280x853Mart_Faladur (10)_1280x853Mart_Faladur (18)_1280x853 Mart_Faladur (19)_1280x853There was a short brake in between the two sets which were divided into old songs for the first set and new songs for the second. The audience warmed up, just as we did and the whole thing escalated. To our joy and surprise people sang with us for the last song.

Mart_Faladur (20)_1280x853 Thank you all for coming and making it the night we won’t forget!

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