13. 2. 2016 – Vipava

On this great day we brought all our equipment to Ram’s apartment and recorded four songs in between the lunch and the pancakes in the evening.


It was a lovely experience enriched by the presence of our friends who added accidental ambient sounds – such as silent talks and the sounds you make when you try to clean the kitchen as silently as possible – to the recordings. But who really excelled at this were the children present who sang and mumbled randomly adding to the songs what none of us could. Even if we had the samples and infinite time to place them in the melodies we could not have place them so perfectly.

If you have an interesting, exquisite or otherwise special place and you’re willing to cook something write us to martband (a) gmail.com and maybe we can make something magical together.

The recording was masterfully done by our friend or as we like to call him a fifth band member Igor Vuk and all great photos in this post by our Irena Udovič – a band photographer we are so lucky to have.





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