Never-before-published MART

After our debut album Parallele we were making new songs for the new one. We made quite some songs but not enough for the album before we’ve fallen apart as a band.

Now that we are back together we decided to share this songs with the world. And we decided to upload the recordings of the “first takes” just after the song was finished because although they may be imperfectly played (…are imperfectly played. Very imperfectly) they contain this enthusiastic energy of a brand new song just done and all the happiness of a very satisfied band proud of their product. This are some things you can’t make in a studio in a postproduction.

It may be also noted that almost all of the songs were created while we were trying to make a song named Drum n’ Base. We have the beginning of that song but while we were trying to make something worthy to continue new verses sprang like hell. And these verses were then made to songs while Drum n’ Base still has no ending. We often joked that the whole new album will be made out of failed attempts to make one song that is not even on the album.

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